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 Transportation continues to mold the landscape Economic Corridor Lanna "magic formula" Seal Team 3 Consular India, Myanmar. And China held a seminar "Northern prepare for the future: The Northern Connect" Tees Rai 21's.. This 

Assoc. Bongsadadt Project Seminar "The Northern Connect: Northern prepare for the future," the Ministry of Transport revealed "the economy". That mr. Termpittayapaisith Minister of Transport, on behalf of the Government of Thailand to lead the management team together with the Consulate of Commerce of China. And the Indian Consulate The Consulate General of Myanmar organized the seminar on April 21 in Chiang Rai. Invite senior executives. Head of Principal Unit Businessmen and the public, especially in the northern provinces, are fully aware of this. 

For this purpose, to be a central platform for brainstorming. The exchange of knowledge and perspectives prior to driving the strategic plan of the government and the Ministry defined the importance under the strategy "One Transport: One Development" Upper North has been the hope of a blockade. the first will open doors of opportunity for interconnection with neighboring countries in the Mekong Subregion. Including ASEAN and India. Especially China and India. The Chinese have a strategic plan One Belt One Road as well. 

"The North has high potential for development into a high-value creative economy. Complete creative tourism development, health services. The study of high value creation creative products. Safe agriculture and organic farming As well as the development of the elderly care system to accommodate the transition to the elderly society.By being a center of neighboring countries in ASEAN that is easily connected to China and India. It is an economic hub. Chiang Rai, with a population of 1.2 million, Chiang Mai 1.7 million and Lampang over 7.5 thousand. Chiang Rai has a contact area with neighboring countries in the economic square. Organized as a trade gateway. There is a major trading outpost. It is also being elevated to the current special economic zone, and it can also link development with the eastern economic corridor of the government. "

The current major network is the R3A route, which runs from the western part of China through Lao PDR to Thailand, at a distance of 1,887 kilometers. The models to drive the development of the economy of the country consists of projects under the Action Plan investment of Transport. Fri. 2560 is Project Cargo Chiang's worth 2,365 million baht recent Department of Transport has announced the sale of bidding documents for contractors. phase 1 of the year 2559 at the end of the past 

also has projects under development and study them. These limits include the expansion of Highway 12 late Sot - Tak to 4 lanes distance of 76.13 kilometers, with a budget of 7,000 million baht due for completion in 2561 is 

the construction of roads around the city of Mae Sot and bridge Thailand - Myanmar come across. The second bridge connects Mae Sot, Tak, and Myawad. The 21.40 km section is part of the government's east-west economic corridor. Expected to be completed and opened in April 2562, this 

project motorway Sot - Tak distance of 80 km new routes to cater for the special economic zone in Mae Sot and border trade link with the special economic zone in Myawaddy (Myanmar) def. studies completed in the month of April 2561 is expected to invest about 1.5-2 billion baht 

project motorway. Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai route This route covers Chiang Mai, Phayao and Chiang Rai, reducing the journey time from Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai, less than 2 hours distance of 185 km is expected to spend more than 1 billion baht spent the feasibility study 18 months 

also. Twin track project The mouth of the River Po - Den Chai distance of 285 kilometers tender scheduled for the month of May to October this. The Denchai - Chiang Mai distance of 189 kilometers is scheduled to be held in July - December. The 325-kilometer-long Denchai-Chiang Rai-Chiang Khong route is expected to be submitted to the Cabinet in June 2016 and the high-speed rail project. Bangkok - Chiang Mai (Bangkok - Phitsanulok) worth Bt242bn, is in the process of submitting the report to the Thai side in June. 

For the development of the waterway, the development of Chiang Saen Pier and Chiang Khong Pier has been developed as well as the air development plan. There is a project to improve Mae Sot airport to accommodate the increasing number of passengers, which is expected to be completed in the next year. 


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