Facilities and infrastructure in the project area.

1. 5-star hotel located on over 50 acres of Room 450 Room.

2. Condo 8th Floor Residential Apartment Apartment Dormitory staff.

3. Schools sports internationally. On over 150 acres.

4. Shrines and gardens to relax on the 50 acres.

5. Hospital bed 80.

6. Bazaar supermarket. Convenience store.

7. commercial banks. Stores.

8. Driving sport Golf Club.

9. Approximately 500 housing units.

10. Transportation projects. (motorcycles, minibus, vans).

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    The power station, solar cells (solar energy. Which has a capacity of 3-5 MW of electricity to a factory in the industrial zone (light) and the power supply to the machine. The inc...

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    Raw reservoir capacity of 115,200 cu.m. that can accommodate large and industrial water use. Industries that require large amounts of water are sufficient. The water management eff...

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    Wastewater treatment plant on its own. The capacity and wastewater treatment facilities in industrial areas up to 65,000 cu.m / day with standard treatment as prescribed by law an...

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    28 m wide concrete main road (6 lanes) and 18 meter secondary road (4 lanes). Dyke height 3 meters around the project. And a drainage system. Standard.

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    CCTV cameras throughout the industry. Guard the entrance. And the various intersections. Within the industry. To provide a traffic police station. District of Chiang Rai.

  • 10
    A fire station within the industry. The service is available 24 hours. The high-pressure water system. The area around the industrial zone for connection with a fire hose.
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